FISH KIT Kindergarten

€55,00 EUR

FISH KIT Kindergarten

€55,00 EUR
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Three puzzles and a MemoFish in an incredible kit for those who want to know more about freshwater and migratory fish in Portugal. Scientific illustrations enable children and young people to establish a connection with the ecosystem, making them more aware of its conservation.

All games include a QRCode with access to scientific sheets about the respective fish, as well as a document with pedagogical tips for use.


A game inspired by the memory game that consists of finding identical species.

Games suitable for young children, between 4 and 8 years old.

Cardboard - 5,5x5,5cm

3 Puzzles

- Sturgeon, with 2 pieces - PVC 3mm - 28x7,5cm

- Atlantic salmon, with 3 pieces - PVC 3mm - 28x9,8cm

- Ruivaco, with 4 pieces - PVC 3mm - 28x14cm

Games suitable for young children, between 1 and 3 years old.

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