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€45,00 EUR
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Two games and two activity books in an incredible kit for those who want to know more about freshwater and migratory fish in Portugal. Scientific illustrations enable children and young people to establish a connection with the ecosystem, making them more aware of the importance of its conservation.

All games include a QRCode with access to scientific sheets about the respective fish, as well as a document with pedagogical tips for use.

Games suitable for young children, between 5 and 10 years old.


A game inspired by dominoes that involves bringing identical species together.

PVC 3mm - 6x12cm


A game inspired by the memory game that consists of finding identical species.

Cardboard - 5,5x5,5cm

Two Activity Books about Salmo Trutta

The first notebooks in the series, with various activities for children aged 5-7 and 7-9 years old.

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